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Our saffron is grown, picked, dried and packed on our 100% solar powered farm. In keeping with our 100% off grid ethos we only use recyclable glass packaging.


Rosie and Drew welcome you to Squirrel Gully .

Our story began with a shared dream to follow a path less travelled. Drew had always dreamt of moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city to the wide open spaces of the countryside. He hoped to find an off-grid property and use the skills he had learnt in his 13 years as a navel engineer to explore innovative new technologies in alternative energy. In 2014, Rosie was ready for a change and chose to leave her life as a chef in Melbourne. Together, they embarked on their new tree-change journey. They found a 10 acre property in Dunolly, half way between Bendigo and Ballarat in central Victoria’s “Golden Triangle”. The farm was in need of a considerable amount of rejuvenation and tender loving care but they both immediately saw the potential that it had. Having spent the first few years learning to live off-grid, harnessing the sun to create power and capturing rain to water the food they grew, they then set out to produce a sustainable food crop that not only suited the climate but also had low energy requirements and provided an exciting product for local chefs to use on their menus. Now in their third year of production, they look forward to each Autumn as an exciting time when their hard work blossoms. They gather every single strand of saffron gold by hand, check each one for its colour and condition to ensure every strand is the best it can be. Each strand is then dried to keep its perfect condition. They don’t add anything artificial from planting to packing so they know it will arrive to you the same way it left the farm. This is why getting your saffron from Squirrel Gully is such a gastronomic pleasure. No middle man, no herbicide’s, no pesticide’s, nothing but the best, taken directly from the flower as soon as it opens. Join Rosie and Drew on their adventures to produce quality local saffron and educate others about what it’s like to live life to the fullest on an off-grid farm.

523 Dunolly- Rheola Rd, Painswick VIC, Australia