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Hours: Call or pop in if gate is open

Phone: 03 5438 8223
Mobile: 0400 447 058

One of the first wineries established in the Bendigo Region, planted in 1972. The two main varieties produced are Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. However we also produce small quantities of Refosco, an Italian variety, along with Cabernet Franc as a varietal.


Established in 1972, when the first cabernet and shiraz vines were planted. The first vintage followed in 1975. This small family-owned vineyard in the centre of Kingower continues to produce much sought-after classic vintage wines. The latest vintage, gracefully ageing in the stone cellars, is the 45th consecutive one for Arleen and David Reimers. The original name of the vineyard, ‘Blanche Barkly’, was taken from the name given to what was, at that time, the largest solid gold nugget in the world, found on the township flat in the nineteenth century.

The ancient Cambrian geology provides the deep and complex mineral soils for the old vines to reach down into, as well as ample stone for their other passion, stone masonry.

Traditional style vintage wines are the hallmark of ‘Old Kingower Vineyard’: estate grown, vintaged and bottled. Medium/fine grain french oak small casks are the maturation vessels. And traditional cork closures are still the go (grade one, hand select – you’ll need a good corkscrew!). Select vintages will typically develop layers of complexity for 20 years in the cellar, but there are also available a couple of wines for current enjoyment. An alfresco fume shiraz is one example.

For tasting and sales call Arleen (0400 447 058) or David (0419 524 991), COVID 19 restrictions allowing, or pop in if the gate is open. GPS: 14 Kingower-Brenanah Road, Kingower

14 Kingower-Brenanah road, Kingower Victoria 3517