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Flow Floatation and Sensory Retreat

(03) 5400 1441 Health and Beauty Bendigo

Phone: (03) 5400 1441

Flow Retreat offers float therapy, mindfulness and sensory immersive experiences - designed to quiet the chatter of the mind, bring you back to the present moment and put your body, mind and spirit into a state of calm … flow.


Flow Retreat provides a boutique and welcoming environment for you to immerse yourself in the deep and restorative practice of float therapy. Choose between Flow’s Tranquility Pod, which provides a cosy womb-like float experience, and a Large Cabin Pool which is a spacious alternative with a luxurious room height starlit ceiling (allowing couples and parent-child floats).

Flow’s Acoustic-Vibration Sensory Recliners are an Australian first – providing visitors an experience that is unique to Central Victoria. The Sensory Recliners are included in Flow’s 5 Senses Immersion which induces a relaxation state, reducing stress and relieving pain. The 5 Senses Immersion can be combined with float therapy in the transformative Flow Experience Package.

Refunds available when 24 hours notice or more is provided. No refunds within 24 hours / no shows.

Flow Experience Terms of Participation: 1) Flow Retreat's 5 Senses Sensory Immersion and Float Therapy services are subject to a maximum weight limit in order to adhere to equipment ratings and safety guidelines. In order to participate your weight must not exceed 125kg. 2) Flow Retreat's 5 Senses Sensory Immersion and Float Therapy services are not advised if you have epilepsy or serious physical or mental concerns. 3) You will not be allowed to use a floatation pool if you have infectious skin or respiratory disorders open wounds bandages/bandaids incontinence or under the influence of any drug or alcohol. 4) In the early or latter stages of pregnancy it is not advised to participate in float therapy (nor in a high risk pregnancy). 5) If you have dyed your hair or skin (e.g. fake tan / henna) in the last fortnight you will need to ensure that the colour is not still ‘bleeding’. Bright colours or jet black are going to require significantly longer to run clear in the shower. Recent skin and hair dyes can damage the float pools and are therefore not allowed. 6) If you are under 18 years you will require parental consent and under 16 years we will require your parent to be on site for the duration of your appointment.

66 Spring Gully Rd, Spring Gully 3350