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Eucalyptus Distillery Museum Inglewood

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Hours: Thursday - Friday 11am-3pm Saturday - Sunday 10am-4pm Group Bookings available 7 days

Phone: 0402697780

Welcome to Inglewood home of the ‘Blue Mallee’ Eucalyptus! Here you will find Australia’s only museum dedicated to the history of eucalyptus oil distillation. Eucalyptus polybractea or 'Blue Mallee' is indigenous to Inglewood and has been harvested in the regionsince the mid 1800s. Blue Mallee Eucalyptus produces the highest quality eucalyptus oil available!


The museum houses a unique collection of artifacts including old bottles, tools, photographs, artworks, newspaper cuttings and paraphernalia. A fully operational model distillery is housed within the museum to demonstrate the process of eucalyptus oil distillation. Next to the museum and shop is the heritage listed 'Old Jones’ Distillery. Dating back to 1890, the distillery is open to the public for viewing and provides a fascinating insight into the local industry. Entry to the museum is $5 for adults (kids free). Group bookings are available 7 days and include a full guided tour, an informative talk and live distillery demonstration. $8/$10 per person. Large group bookings are essential and homemade refreshments can be arranged. Demonstrations for small groups can be arranged at the time of visit. Contact Nicole at or on 0402697780 for more info. Find us on Facebook, instagram, the web or call our team for more info.

20 Grant St North, Inglewood, VIC 3517


Located on the Calder Hwy on the northern side of Inglewood, the Eucalyptus Distillery Museum is only 1/2 an hour from Bendigo or 2 hours from Melbourne.