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Dudley House Gallery

5434 6100 Arts & Culture - Artisans & Galleries Bendigo CBD

Phone: 5434 6100

Dudley House is a community gallery, function and event space. It overlooks the Queen Elizabeth Oval, and is perched at the highest point of the View Street arts precinct, above The Capital and Bendigo Art Gallery.


The red brick building is one of the earliest and most intact 1850s buildings remaining in Bendigo CBD. Like all government buildings of this era, its exterior is fairly modest, unlike the opulent styles of later decades. It was originally built as a residence for the district surveyor, who designed the Bendigo street layout that we still use to this day.

Call in to Dudley House to see the latest in its program of visual art exhibitions showcasing local and emerging artistic talent.

For more information about Dudley House please contact The Capital Box Office 5434 6100

60 View Street Bendigo