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In November 2014, Advance Heathcote Inc was established to implement and drive the 2014-2017 Heathcote & District Community Plan. The views, hopes and aspirations of our community are the basis of this current Community Plan.

•Advance Heathcote Inc’s Purpose •To develop and oversee the implementation of the Heathcote Community Plan. •To attract funding to progress the implementation of the Community Plan projects. •To advocate and represent the Heathcote community interests in Local, State and Federal Government matters. •To facilitate community forums for the exchange of information/views to meet the needs of the Heathcote community/district. •To report annually the progress and achievements of the Community Plan. •To advance Heathcote’s liveability and community well-being.

The views, hopes and aspirations of our community form the basis of the current 2017 – 2021 Heathcote Community Plan.

If you are currently a resident, or have direct personal or commercial links to Heathcote or represent a community group in Heathcote, you are eligible to become a member. There is no annual membership fee.

Membership forms are available from the Secretary:

Heathcote VIC 3523